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a boutique brand & communications agency based in Melbourne.

We are simply not about design, though design is very much a part of what we do, we are all about marketing an experience.
We do this by analysing your product or service and use these insights to design a communications strategy that extends the brand experience,
across online and offline media platforms - to your customers - nimbly and efficiently.



We ignite our brand process using our innovative, interdisciplinary work system and tools that begins with research followed by strategy and ends with the creative execution.

We strategize, conceptualize and produce bespoke branding and communication solutions for startups,
small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits in a diverse range of industries.





No matter how big or small your project is, through our free client consultation we first sit and discuss your needs. We get to know your core values, analyse your market & identify your real customer needs.

At DE every project starts with a strategy, a thought, a plan and a selling idea! Strategic Planning is at the heart of what we do and it holds the key in developing brilliant ideas that help build your brands and solve your business problems.

This is where our strategy morphs into tactical and forms a bridge between the communications strategy and the media execution - creating a universe in which dreams are born and ideas take shape.

The final stage of our planning and design process is the tactical execution of response driven deliverables. Working closely with our digital house, we then pair deep insights and industry knowledge with creative thinking to bring those ideas to life and share them across multiple channels, to multiple audiences while ensuring everyone stays "on brand."

"Behind every brand
there is a face and a story
waiting to be told."


We are boutique, and that's the way we like to keep it!

We're a boutique brand & communications agency with a community
of multi-discipline passionate individuals working together on a
project-related basis to discover new ways to tell meaningful stories
and come up with awe inspiring ideas.

As a boutique agency, we focus on creating and developing bespoke
branding and communications solutions to smaller and mid-sized
clients offering highly personalized services. We've purposely
remained lean, working in nimble autonomous teams to eliminate
management bloat and costs stemming from grand offices or extra
frills. The way we see it - by working this way we are able
to create an environment for a more rewarding collaboration
with more openness and better results. So it's a good
client-agency fit and we like to keep it that way.

Yep! we love working with start-ups. Why?..because they bring so
much passion, drive and determination to improve their industry;
and sometimes, to create an entirely new one. So if you think we're
a right fit for your business and likewise, then no matter what your
budget, lets meet up over coffee and discuss your requirements.
We'll be happy to work something out even if it means working
for equity or reduced fees - whichever suits your business best.

If you think your start-up is a good fit for DeFransz Esq. email us
and let us know what you're working on.

We love Start-Ups

We are a small team and
our client list is exclusive,
which is a luxury we


We offer our services in-house at agencies or direct to client.

Full case-studies and portfolios are in the works! In the meantime please browse through some of our sample projects we've had the pleasure of working on.

Digital Brand Strategy
Website Design / Development
Mobile Website
App Development
Email Marketing
Mobile Campaigns
E-commerce Solutions

Logo Design
Corporate Identity
Marketing Collaterals - Brochures etc.
Product Design and Development
Direct Marketing
Point-of-Purchase Displays
Promotional Materials

Brand Development
Brand Refresh
Brand Audits
Brand Naming
Brand Positioning / Messaging
Brand Ideation
Brand Activation
Brand Style Guides
Brand Story
Brand Training
Brand Content
Brand Management

"There's more than one face
a brand can manifest."

Let us show you how.

It's a true reflection of the experience with that company's
product and service offer.

"A brand is not a face
a company wears."

We can help you bring your brand story to life,
share it across multiple platforms,
and into story at a time.