"We are a different kind of
brand agency."

We believe that creativity is something that cannot be cranked out from a sterile office cubicle or boardroom: instead, it needs to be nurtured, stimulated and ignited by errant sparks. It also needs to have something that the big agencies don't have: agility!

So with this in mind we set out to build a unique decentralized service model; a hybrid between the Uber model and the industry's famous Chiat-Day LA-virtual ad agency model.

Unlike traditional agencies, we do not have a big office or rigid hierarchies. We also don't have a creative department. Instead, we operate from a discrete, warehouse-like studio cell with non-territorial workplaces and interdisciplinary team architecture that breeds nothing but innovative ideas. Every discipline contributes, everyone has ideas and everyone has a voice. Most of the time we work whenever and wherever our spirit moves us. Official opening and closing hours in the agency are blurred as we often close when we want, or when things get boring. So we work around the clock if necessary, anywhere from a hipster cafe, surf bar, cocktail lounge, pub, bedroom, kitchen or while taking a shower - because for us the best ideas seem to hatch from this way of working.

But it takes more than a quirky working environment or hours to make the magic happen: there's a more subtle alchemy that encompasses the way we work here at DE. Working in nimble, autonomous teams, each group develops its own efficiencies and produce a better outcome for our clients. So after the client briefing, our consultants along with our freelance pool have the luxury of choosing an environment to work our magic. As long as the voodoo happens and deadlines are met and most importantly… the client is happy, then everything is tickety boo.



Here's the scoop!

Well to begin with, we are structured differently.
We're one part Garden and one part Factory.

is where we sow our strategies
and grow your ideas,

is where we bring these ideas to life
and share them across multiple

...and into markets,
nimbly and efficiently.



Behind the turning gears and cogs of DE is a vibrant team of passionate, multicultural, multi-discipline professionals roped in from a
cross section of media and marketing backgrounds at all tiers of the agency value chain..who couldn't be more diverse even if they tried.

We are a staff of just three, supported by a rotating cast of freelancers consisting of strategist, brandsmiths, marketeers, designers,
developers, thinkers, dreamers, make-it-happeners - and a visionary who roped them all in together.